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Publishing a Special Issue

If you are interested in publishing a special issue in one of our journals, please contact the journal editor directly. Please see our Journals List for more information.

Special Issue proposals are welcome at any time during the year. Conference coordinators are welcome to publish a special issue in view of the developed or full forms of papers that were exhibited in the conference, symposium or workshop. Special issues do need time to plan. If you would like to publish a special issue, please discuss with us as early as possible before publication to give us enough time to prepare. There are no hard and fast rules but here are some guidelines about planning a special issue.

  1. The Guest Editor Submits a Special issue Proposal  which should include the following:
  • The journal for which the Special Issue is intended
  • A suggested title for the Special Issue
  • Proposed Aims and Scope, including focus and topics to be covered
  • A brief editorial statement for the special issue
  • A proposed timeframe for publication of the special issue (submission deadline, review process, publication date, etc.)
  1. All proposals are subject to approval by the journal’s Editorial Board. If approved, a Call-for-Papers for the Special Issue will be posted online. Otherwise, the Guest Editor sends all the manuscripts he/she has collected for the special issue to the journal editor.
  2. All manuscripts submitted for the special issue should be peer-reviewed. There are two options for this process. The Guest Editor may choose to nominate desired or preferred reviewers to conduct the peer-review. All their names will be included in the printed special issue journals. Of course, the editorial office can also conduct the peer-review, depending on your needs and requests.
  3. A publication fee (Normal Publication fee of the target journal) is required upon acceptance of a manuscript for the special issue. After publication of the special issue, we will send you two hard copies of the printed journals per article. However, a discount is given if no hard copy or only one hard copy per article is requested.
  4. The soft copy of the special issue (including cover and editorial board page) will be sent to you so you may copy, distribute, and disseminate the work.