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As an innovative publisher, we encourage authors to involve into the book publishing process, by providing more options to authors. We usually publish books in English and Chinese. However, we maybooks publish books in other languages, depending on the particular case.

Publishing a book is a big job, we argue you to discuss your plan with us as earlier as possible. Please contact: info@julypress.com

Submission and Publication Procedure

  • Author(s) should submit their manuscripts by e-mail to info@julypress.com
  • All manuscripts should be prepared in MS-Word format. The electronic submission is strongly encouraged, which could shorten the publication times.
  • Upon receipt of a submission, the editor will send an e-mail of confirmation to the corresponding author within three working days. If you fail to receive this confirmation, your submission e-mail may have been missed.
  • Upon acceptance of the book for publication, the author(s) will receive a notification email.
  • Authors may select services and options, and pay the service fee.
  • We/you arrange layout, page, and design, as well as print and delivery.

Fee Schedule

Items Options Fee Notes
ISBN Registration Mandatory 1000.00USD Each additional format costs extra 500.00USD.
CIP Registration Optional 500.00USD CIP helps to promote books even before they are published.

English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil print publications only.

Proofreading Optional 0.03USD per word Clients may hire own proofreaders
Layout and page design/editing Optional 0.01USD per word

20USD per image, figure, table

100USD for cover

Clients may hire own layout editors and designers.
Print Optional Contact us Clients may hire own printers.

Our price is different from case to case.

Delivery Optional Contact us Our price is different from case to case.